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Portable Meter

ME Portable meter can be moving coil, Moving Iron or dynamometer type and have method of indication by means of deflecting pointer only.

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Flush Mounting type

"VARIAC" Auto Transformers 1 Ph. (Closed / Open type) are designed to give output voltage of 260-270 Volts for the input voltage of 240 Volts.

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Low Tension Power Transformer

ME manufacture L.T Transformers in different types and capabilities to suit individual requirements. The leaflet describes following types: 1Ph. Double Wound Transformers, 3Ph. Double Wound Transformers.

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Load Bank (Resistor / Lamp / Capacitor / Induction type)

ME Load Banks are used to simulate load conditions to test Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters. Load can be simulated by using the load switches provided on the bench.

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SCR Based Rectifier

SCR based with analog meters for V & I measurements, Enclosed in powder coated cabinet with indications, Over current trip, Smooth start & Short circuit protection

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Portable Desk Model Meter

ME Mini Portable Desk Model Meters are inclined for easy reading & mounted on black ABS plastic moulded desks. The Meters are provided with Insulated terminals.

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Battery Charger

The Battery Charger is designed for working on single phase 200/250 Volts AC and capable of charging 1/2 Nos 12 Volts battery at 10 Amps Maximum at an ambient temperature of 45oC.

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Ohms Meter ( Shunt Type / Series Type )

ME Ohms Meter is a sensitive, portable, self-contained, battery operated, moving coil type of ohms meter. PRESS TO READ switch avoids Battery drain.

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