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Panel Meter

Me panel meters are used on switch board motor and control gears and control panels for a measurements of electrical quantities.

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Current Transformer

Bar Primary ring type current transformers are secondary coil wounded on a torroidal core if high permeability silicon steel.

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DC Shunt

ME shunts are available for current ratings from 5-10000 Amps and mill volt drops of 75 milli volts. The Shunts confirms to IS Standards 1248.

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Flush Mounting type

"VARIAC" Auto Transformers 1 Ph.(Closed / Open type) are designed to give output voltage of 260-270 Volts for the input voltage of 240 Volts.

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Cell Tester

CT is useful for checking battery voltage in automobiles, laboratories and other applications. Center zero dial of 65mm diameter provide voltage reading with polarity indication.

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Ohms Meter ( Shunt Type / Series Type )

ME Ohms Meter is a sensitive, portable, self-contained, battery operated, moving coil type of ohms meter. PRESS TO READ switch avoids Battery drain.

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Phase Sequence Indicator

ME PSI is a portable and sturdy instrument having a rotating disc to indicate the sequence of the phases of 3 phase power supply. Clockwise rotation of the rotating disk of the PSI indicates proper sequence.

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